Alexandra & Elayna are the two Campbell sisters responsible for CSHD! In 2017, they embarked on their dream of creating their own Highland dance studio, and now many years later, are thrilled to be providing high quality, research based instruction to dancers of all ages.

Alexandra has been dancing and teaching for more than 30 years, competing and performing with enthusiasm for the large majority. She’s a member of SDTA and ScotDance Canada and performed in the Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo in Moscow, Russia. In her spare time, Alexandra is a geophysicist, a mom of two, and creates handmade choreography outfits for the studio. Alexandra’s natural competitiveness, coupled with a high energy teaching style, brings out the athleticism, technical precision, and joy of excellence in her dancers. Alexandra also deeply values the community that dance provides, and loves watching dancers discover their full potential because of the friendships that form in classes.

Elayna’s dance career began at age nine, and quickly became her main focus. She has now been competing, performing, and teaching for over 25 years, including dancing in the world-famous Basel and Edinburgh International Tattoos. She is currently a member of both SDTA and ScotDance Canada. Complementing her love of dance, Elayna is also a passionate elementary teacher with the Calgary Board of Education. Elayna uses her natural positivity and compassionate nature, balanced with high expectations, to help each dancer achieve their goals.