About Us

Dance directors Alexandra & Elayna ensure Campbell School of Highland Dance develops dancers who thrive physically and mentally, both in the studio and out. Dancers are surrounded by a supportive community that will celebrate their individuality, dreams and successes, while also receiving individualized and personal attention each class. At our dance school we value dedication, perseverance, excellence and positivity; we foster these skills through dance development, performance opportunities and competition. CSHD dancers learn integral skills to become capable, committed, and accountable individuals.

Many of our approaches are different to what’s ‘always been done’ in Highland dance. We see potential in every dancer, and ensure we mentor each one as an individual. We encourage dancers towards paths where they will be successful, and our goal is that each person dances with joy for the rest of their lives! We use targeted cross-training, physio, periodization and best practices in coaching and teaching, which builds strong, powerful, confident people.

We strive to be an inclusive space, where people of all identities, backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations and economic status are celebrated. Our differences, both in our students and in our teaching approaches, make us stronger!


Discover the right class for you! We offer recreational, competitive, private, championship level classes as well as sessionals for newer dancers!


What makes CSHD different? We have a unique set of values that set us apart. We value personal determination coupled with inclusivity and community. Find out how you fit in at CSHD!


We have a incredible set of instructors ready to help you acheive your dance goals, no matter what they are. Let us introduce ourselves!

Elayna’s dance career began at age nine, and quickly became her main focus. She has now been competing, performing, and teaching for over 25 years, including dancing in the world-famous Basel and Edinburgh International Tattoos. She is a member of both SDTA and ScotDance Canada. Elayna is also a passionate elementary teacher with the Calgary Board of Education, with extensive training in educational pedagogy, childhood mental health, coaching, classroom management, and interpersonal relationships. Elayna uses her natural positivity and compassionate nature, balanced with an excellent eye for technical precision, to help each dancer achieve their goals.

Alexandra has been dancing and teaching for more than 30 years. She is a member of SDTA and ScotDance Canada and performed in the Spasskaya Tower International Military Tattoo in Moscow, Russia. Alexandra is a trained geophysicist, an environmental scientist, and a community advocate, along with training in physical literacy, the science of dance, coaching and motivation. Alexandra’s natural competitiveness, coupled with a high energy teaching style, brings out the athleticism, muscle control, and joy of excellence in her dancers. Alexandra also deeply values the community that dance provides, and loves watching dancers discover their full potential because of the friendships that form in class